Family Man made me reminisce on a fantastic New Swears show I saw a couple of years back, but with a lot more nudity.”

— Jichien

Who the fuck is Family Man anyways?

Montreal based indie band, Family man brings the likes of Interpol, The Strokes, and The Smiths into one LOUD and dancey group! Hailing in from Los Angeles and Ottawa, and with all members having a background in classical music training, the distinct tone of Family Man has proven worthy of their second hometown, Montreal.


As all members come from different backgrounds, Family Man has created a new genre, they’ve dubiously dubbed “Post-Indie.” With driving, four-on-the-floor drum lines, funky and dominating bass, jangly yet moody guitar melodies, all combined with three distinct and melancholic vocalists, Family Man has crafted a truly unique sound, that will make just about anyone cry on the dancefloor. The band has played many of Montreal’s famed indie establishments and are known throughout their growing fan-base for providing a wild atmosphere. Hilarious interactions with their audience at their live performances are a defining trait. Every show is a perfectly chaotic event with band members running off the stage or ending up on the ground in one way or another. Concert-goers are guaranteed a boogie-filled, rockin’ night when going to see Family Man. 


Andrea Lucacher, host of CJLO’s “Mellow Dramatic,” has interviewed Conner Root, lead singer and guitarist of the group, about Family Man’s beginnings, tour plans, and releases. This show aired on May 5th of 2019. CHUO 89.1 in Ottawa has put Family Man’s two best-performing singles, “Blue” and “ADHD” into their weekly rotation. 


In August of 2019, Family Man toured up and down the state of California. They graced the stages at many famed California establishments such as The Satellite, The Moroccan Lounge, Timewarp Records, The Bootleg Theater, Bottom of the Hill, Café du Nord, and more! The tour was a resounding success and provided them with the initial platform they needed to further their career. The band will be releasing their debut album, inspired by their time in California, in early June of 2020. Soon after, they will embark on their second tour focusing on the Eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. 



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